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0086-25-58612095; 0086-25-58651675     ?  gm@3si.xyz; sales-03@3si.xyz
About  3S
3S INTERNATIONAL Company Limited is the leading supplier and manufacturer in China specialized in many kinds of Protective Products, like Plastic Pipe Caps, Plastic Pipe Plugs, Plastic Flanges Face Caps and Protectors, Plastic Valve Covers, Plastic Socket Weld End Covers, Plastic Square/Rectangular/Round Plugs, Oilfield Thread Protectors (like EU, NU, New VAM for tubing, STC, LTC, BTC for casing and REG, FH, IF for drill pipe), etc. Our Plastic Protective Products use low-density or high density polyethylene as raw material, they are environmentally friendly, and can resistant to weather and petroleum. Our Plastic Protective Products are easy to install and remove, they are used to protect pipes, tubes, flanges, valves, fittings, etc from damage and contamination during transit, handling and storage.

For years of efforts, now 3S INTERNATIONAL has over 5000 standard products, and most of them are in-stock for immediate delivery. For the Plastic Pipe Caps, the largest size we can offer is 72”, and for the Plastic Flange Face Protectors, the largest size we can offer is 36”. As we know, we are the only company in China that can produce such larger protectors.
3S INTERNATIONAL have its own molding workshop, so we can manufacture products according to your samples or drawings. We supply chain services and more to help lowering your costs and serve a variety of industries, our engineering and development staff are always looking for ways to take your ideas from prototype to final production.
With good quality and perfect service system, we had exported our Plastic Protective Products to USA, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Slovakia, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Australia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, etc, our products also win good reputation in these countries.

Warmly welcome domestic and foreign friends to work and cooperate with us to create a better environment and life. We are the best choice for your Product Protection, Masking and Finishing needs. 



? No.21 Huashen Ave, Nanjing, P.R. China 
?  0086-25-58651675
?  丨gm@3si.xyz; sales-03@3si.xyz