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0086-25-58612095; 0086-25-58651675     ?  gm@3si.xyz; sales-03@3si.xyz


3S INTERNATIONAL Company Limited is the leading supplier and manufacturer in China specialized in many kinds of

protective Products, like Plastic Pipe Caps, Plastic Pipe Plugs, Plastic Flanges
Face Caps and Protectors, Plastic Valve

Covers, Plastic Socket Weld End Covers, Plastic Square/Rectangular/Round Plugs, Oilfield Thread Protectors (like EU,

NU, New VAM for tubing, STC, LTC, BTC for casing and REG, FH, IF for drill pipe)
, etc. Our Plastic Protective Products 


use low-density or high density polyethylene as raw material, they are environmentally friendly, and can resistant to

weather and petroleum. Our Plastic Protective Products are easy to install and remove, they are used to protect 

pipes, tubes, flanges, valves, fittings, etc from damage and contamination during transit, handling and storage.

Warmly welcome domestic and foreign friends to work and cooperate with us !


We provide not only products, but also provide good services.


Learn about the latest information and events.

The 5,000 black square plugs and 5,000 white square plugs purchased by the customer have been produced and will be shipped to our customer's warehouse after packaging.
After receiving our sample plugs, the customer expressed high appreciation and said that they would continue to order such plugs.



Popular Science: The Application of Plastic Caps

The plastic caps are suitable for pipe fittings, hydraulic tubing, hydraulic valves, flanges, valves, over-interfaces, threaded screws, and fuel tanks to protect internal and external products. Not only can it improve the appearance of the effect, but also can be used for internal and external produ



3S International Congratulates to the 70th Anniversary of the Birth of?PRC

Warm congratulate to the 70th year of the founding of People's Republic of China.We believe that the past hard work has created the wonderful future. 3S International will do better in the future.Wish you all will have a happy and healthy holiday!



[Company News] 3S International Will Deliver the Plastic Square Plugs to Customer Within One Week

After communicating with our customers and confirming the colors and samples of square plugs, a batch of 10,000 plastic hats are under production and will be delivered to our customers within a week.
Thanks to our customers' trust and support, 3s is committed to providing high-quality products and p



3S International Serve for You in the Samples With All Sincerity

If you want to verify the stability and safety of our products, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with professional reply promptly or samples services.Or you can inform us of your requirements, we will reach your satisfactions as much as possible.


? No.21 Huashen Ave, Nanjing, P.R. China 
?  0086-25-58651675
?  丨gm@3si.xyz; sales-03@3si.xyz